Cross Connection Backflow is a licensed and insured business that specializes in backflow tesing, installation and service of backflow assemblies. We are Fire Protection System Contractors certified for fire backflows. We are State plumbing contractors certified for domestic and irrigation backflows.

Our objective at Cross Connection Backflow Inc. is to keep our drinking water safe.  As your local backflow testing company in south Florida, we provide scheduled and emergency backflow testing, certification, repair and installation services. Serving Miami, Broward and Palm Beach County.  We pride ourselves on accurate, fast, and friendly service. 





We Specialize in the Following Services…


  • Perform backflow tests, repairs and installation of backflow assemblies.
  • Permitting
  • Submit applicable reports to relative water authority.



Whether requiring testing for new plumbing construction, or require the yearly re-certification for backflow compliance, backflow prevention, or plumbing inspection, we service all of South Florida. Call us today to schedule your backflow testing today.

Backflow prevention is an important part of protecting our potable water supply and Cross Connection Backflow believes it to be so important that is all we do.

The annual testing of backflow assemblies is to ensure that the assembly is working as designed and within the test parameters. If a backflow assembly is not working properly it may put the public's health at risk by allowing the reverse flow of water and potential pollution or contamination to our potable water.


It is often assumed that water flows through the pipes in one direction, the truth is that water will flow to where the demand is, if there is a greater demand at the building next door or a fire hydrantis opened on the next block it can cause a syphon affect. A backflow prevention assembly would stop the syphoning affect from surrounding buildings that could pull contaminates or pollutants into our potable water.Backflow can also be caused by "back pressure" from a mechanical device such as pumps, elevated water tanks or multi level buildings.


Uniform Plumbing Code, State, Local and Federal Laws require backflows to be installed,annually tested and maintained; these mandates protect the potable water from cross contamination due to backflow. Without backflow prevention assemblies there would be a risk of people getting sick or worse due to polluted or contaminated drinking water.