Backflow Testing Miami And Broward

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Backflow devices are used in plumbing systems to decrease the chances of potable water being contaminated by any debris and/or particles that may gain access into the water and "backflow" into the main water supply. There are only a couple of backflow devices that are commonly used. These would be Doublecheck Valves and Reduced Pressure Principle Valves. A Double Check Valve (also known as a doublecheck, double check assembly, DC or DCA) has two, one way check valves inside, in sequence, that allow supply water to enter but, if working properly, will not let the water "backflow" into the potable water. The Second device, a Reduced Pressure Principle Device (a.k.a RP, RPZ, RPP, RPPZ) is similar to the device above but has additional protection for the potable water, which is an extra valve in between the two check valves that will open, releasing the water out of the relief valve port under the device if it senses one of the check valves to not be closing or sealing completely. Both of these devices are testable by test ports on either side of the checks, allowing a backflow tester to test and certify that these valves are working properly. If the devices do not pass the inspection then it can either be repaired or replaced. 






Some of our previous installations.